Practical physics and chemistry for 6e

Practical work is important when teaching science because it:

  • Increases interest in lessons.
  • Helps students connect abstract ideas with concrete things. Lessons make more sense when students can see and touch what you are talking about.
  • Improves examination results.
  • Improves the practical skills of students which helps them in their lives.
  • Inspires students to follow a career in science.

This book aims to make practical work accessible to all science teachers in Madagascar. Experiments have been carefully designed to ensure:

  • No specialist science equipment is required.
  • Required equipment can easily be found in larger towns and cities.
  • Some experiments cost nothing, most cost under 1000Ar and a few cost more than 1000Ar. Most of the equipment can be kept and reused.

The experiments have been designed to fit into the 6e Physics and Chemistry curriculum.

Download here: