Internet resources

There are many great resources on the internet that will help your teaching. Some of my favourite ones are here. Some can be downloaded for offline use so you can use them without the internet.

Free reading books

Resources for all teachers

Free textbooks in English:

Child protection: Internet safety in Madagascar:


Wikipedia – online free encyclopaedia: English / French / Malagsy (very limited)

Khan academy: Free video based school level courses. Use it in your classes or to teach yourself you are unsure of. Good internet required: EnglishFrench. An offline version is available at As the download is very very large you may wish to contact us for a copy.

Wiktionary: dictionary with audio pronunciation: English / French / Malagasy

Online malagasy dictionary:

Offline resources with Kiwix: Kiwix allows you to download lots of free resources for offline use such as Wikipedia or Wictionary. Download at ttp:// (french) or (English).


Resources for Science teachers

EDUCMAD: A site for Lycée science teachers: 

PHET – simulations for all sciences in French or English. These can be downloaded.

Physics teachers – excellent electric circuit simulator:  – other simulations on the site are excellent.

Resources for language teachers – many detailed language courses

Teacher training

The Open University in the UK has produced some great subject-specific teacher training materials in French:

Book: Instructional Methods, Strategies and Technologies to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Christian resources:

Bible stories for children:

Malagasy audio bible: