I am indebted to:

RAJAOFERA M. Lilianah, my excellent translator and project manager in Tamatave. Without her this project would still be a distant dream.

RAHARIMANANA Juliette Chantal, RATSIMBA Clarisse and FIKATOA Voahanginirina Virginie who proofread the Malagasy version of this book.

Selina Handoll and Ann-Gaëlle Beurier who proofread the French version of this book.

Karrina Mitchell, Shawn Gibson, Sue Clynes and my parents who proofread and encouraged me with the English version of the book.

RAINANDIMBY Fernand Daniel for much encouragement and managing our project in Antananarivo.

Kimberly Radford ( who encouraged and advised at many points.

The students who have attended our courses.

Bob Kibble who inspired me to be no ordinary teacher.

Friends and family, who have encouraged, debated, offered advice or supported this project financially.

Monika Gora for reviewing the chapter on language education.

Sarah Anderson for reviewing and contributing to the learning difficulties chapter.

The Christian God who inspired and enabled this project.