New testament audio in Malagasy

40% of Malagasy are illiterate. Many others struggle to read lengthy texts as they have never had access to books.

So how can people read the Bible?

Answer: They don’t have to. Audio bibles can help these people to hear God’s word.

Lili has developed two options for people to hear the New Testament:

  1. MP3 CD for those who have a TV and DVD player. Cost $0.10
  2. SD card in a mobile phone. Many people have phones with SD cards. The New Testament audio can be copied onto the phone. Phones are very cheap here, you can buy a new phone and SD card for about £10.

You can download the zip here:

To make a MP3 CD

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it onto a pen drive
  3. Take it to a cyber and ask them to burn it onto CDs for you.
  4. Check there are 260 files.

To put the bible on SD card

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it onto a pen drive
  3. Buy a SD card from a cyber or computer shop. You should be able to find a 2GB SD card for well under 10,000Ar (2017 prices)
  4. Use an SD card reader, most cybers will have one.
  5. Create a folder ‘Music’ on the SD card.
  6. Copy all the bible audio folders into the folder ‘Music’.
  7. Important: Right click on the music folder on the SD card and select ‘properties’. Check that there are 260 files.

Technical details:

The Bible text is the version used in Protestant churches across Madagascar, which is in official Malagasy.

The Bible recording was made by PRM International.

It was downloaded from and is noisy, it sounds like it was copied of an audio cassette.

Lili cleaned it up using Audacity.